* * * World Gym Art Present Application Form * * *

Please gain the program, pin, or photo-set
of the 2006 Aarhus World Championships !!!

Application conditions are the following 2 points
1. Those who can send comment by e-mail when a present is gained
2. Those who can agree with not reselling the present which won
Deadline : 22 December 2006

* When you apply for two or more items, please use the same name and the same e-mail !!!

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2006 Aarhus's program : 3 persons

If this program opens Pavlova's cover, the English page is printed,
and the Danish page is printed if Yoneda's cover is opened,
and the English page and the Danish page are printed upside down.

2006 Aarhus's pin : 3 persons

2006 Aarhus's photo-set (5-photos) : 2 persons
You can specify a favorite gymnast

Message :